Meet Belong School Gloucestershire’s Teams

Gloucestershire’s Leadership Team

Gloucestershire’s leadership team is composed of the school’s senior and extended leadership. The Leadership team also includes the school’s designated safeguarding lead (DSL) and deputy designated safeguarding leads (DDSL).

Saar Yaniv
Lisa Warwick
SENCO and Curriculum Lead
Glen Mills
Deputy Headteacher, DDSL
Sharon Freeman
Pastoral Lead / Family Liaison
Emma Wagstaffe
Senior Pastoral Lead. DSL
Jade Dangerfield
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Hayley Thomson
HR Finance and Exams Officer
Mark Riden
Post-16 Lead

Academic Team

Gloucestershire’s Academic team comprises subject specialists with expertise in teaching students with EHCP needs.

Kirsty Mottram
Art / Training and Development
James Dart
English Teacher
Amy Wathan 
PE Teacher
Zoe Edmunds
KS3 Class Teacher
James Scurr
Maths Teacher
Jade Grove
Science Teacher
Dan Youngs
Assessment and Intervention Lead
Ian Basterfield
Food Teacher
Rhian Robbins
PE Teacher

Pastoral Team

Our Pastoral team are focused on student wellbeing both inside and outside school. The role of the pastoral team is to work to remove barriers and ensure that students can engage with their learning and development

Physical Wellbeing Lead
Holistic Wellbeing Lead

Admin and Premises Team

Our admin and premises team are a key aspect of ensuring our school functions efficiently. In addition to meeting and greeting students and visitors, the admin and premises team make our work with students possible, maintaining the premises and complete daily health and safety compliance and keeping us all well-fed, ensuring our school is a safe, welcoming place for all.

Jo Rookes
School Administrator
Heather Bracey
School Administrator
Richie Stephens
Site Operations Lead

Learning Coach Team

The Learning Coach Team at Belong School provide a fundamental point of contact for students in the learning environment. A small number of students are assigned to each Learning Coach to build a trusted relationship which will usually be maintained for the student’s time with the school.

Syreeta Cornwall
Learning Coach
Helen Keogh
Learning Coach
Kat Kryszkowska
Learning Coach
Sherrie Thompson
Learning Coach
Emily Thomson
Learning Coach
Dave Anderson
Learning Coach
James Harris
Learning Coach
Zara Goodhall
Learning Coach