Welcome to Belong School Gloucestershire

Providing a purposeful, inclusive learning environment where every learner is supported to develop the skills they need for a successful future. We have developed a rich and diverse curriculum with a focus on teaching our students to become independent and valued members of the community, who know they belong.

We take a holistic approach to our work and understand that there are many reasons why young people face the challenges that they do. We aim to empower our young people to discover their own solutions to the problems that they face and support them on their journey.

Academic, social, emotional

Our School is based in Gloucestershire, using small groups and one-to-one work to encourage academic, social and emotional learning. We currently provide education for students in years 9-11 who have an Education Health and Care Plan for Social, Emotional and Mental Health. We specialise in working with parents, carers and other professionals to enable our students to strengthen their social, emotional and mental health whilst achieving academic outcomes to enable them to access post 16 further education and employment.

Informal by design

We provide a specialist learning environment that to the child feels and looks informal, but which is carefully and precisely crafted. Our classrooms are diverse -from our onsite provision to community facilities, to the child’s home environment. Each child has a bespoke curriculum consisting of our core offer (Maths, English and Science) and a selection of foundation subjects alongside a wide range of activities and experiences both on and off site.

Relational in all we do

At Belong School Gloucestershire, we understand all behaviours as a means of communication, often stemming from an unmet need. It is our aim to support students to learn to meet their needs in prosocial ways, being positive members of their community. Our focus is less upon managing behaviour but seeks instead to help students to learn to manage their own behaviour whilst building resilience, in turn leading to the acquisition of the skills required to learn, grow and thrive as an adult. 

We value relationships. Staff model the value of relationships through all their interactions. The school invests highly in ensuring that staff are well-trained in Relational Practice to enable them to better support our students with ongoing professional development for all members of our team.


Read Belong School Gloucestershire’s inspection report here

“Leaders and staff build warm and trusting relationships with pupils. This is the linchpin of the school’s success.”

Dale Burr, HMI
June 2023


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Lunches at Belong School Gloucestershire

At Belong School Gloucestershire, lunch is a really important part of the day. It’s a chance for us to relax, to build social skills, to practise healthy eating – all things that reinforce some of our key Character Education themes. Key to this is our lunch menu, which is expertly crafted by our School Chef, Maria.


Strong home-school relationships are key to our work with students. We work closely with parents and carers to ensure that students receive the support they need to learn, grow and thrive. 

Thank you to each and every one of you for being so amazing with my son, for helping him strive to be the best version of himself. Thank you for believing in him, for being so patient and understanding. Thank you for treating him as an individual and meeting his needs as one.
Basically, just a huge big thank you for my son being so happy in an education setting.


The staff are so accepting of my daughter, they understand her and respect her space and how to handle situations.


We are really pleased our son is thriving at school. His confidence is growing daily, we are also more than happy with communication between ourselves and the school.


Gloucestershire Centre

Headteacher: Saar Yaniv

Church Lane, Whaddon, Gloucester, 

Gloucestershire, GL4 0UF




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