At our Belong Schools, all students learn as part of a highly individualised provision, meaning that we can tailor our student’s learning activities to maximise engagement. A recent example of this was a Belong School Devon student’s visit to St James Park, the home of Exeter FC.

As part of a project looking at the history of Exeter Football Club, Belong School Devon student Tyler and his learning coach contacted the St James Park volunteers, who very kindly set up a visit to find out more about the club.

A football enthusiast, Tyler had the opportunity to ask lots of questions on a guided tour of all parts of the ground, including the hospitality area and the changing rooms. He also had the chance to walk down the player’s tunnel, pose in the dugout and practise the face to use when the team aren’t performing.

This was a brilliant opportunity to put learning into context; thanks to Exeter FC and the St James Park volunteers who made this happen.



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