Belong School Devon are now proud to offer The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to students. This programme provides countless benefits and opportunities for personal development, enabling students to learn, grow and thrive.  

The values of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award sit very closely with those of Belong School Devon, where staff work to empower students to become successful adults in a modern world. As they participate in the various activities and challenges of the DofE award students gain a sense of personal achievement and self-confidence. The award fosters a spirit of determination and perseverance, helping students overcome obstacles and develop the resilience necessary to succeed in life. 

The DofE programme also provides accredited opportunities for students to explore their passions and interests. The program is built around activities spanning four key areas: volunteering, physical fitness, skill development and adventurous expeditions. By engaging in such pursuits, students acquire new skills, discover their talents and explore potential career paths.  

Belong School Devon currently have 19 students who have enrolled on their DofE journey, with the current focus for many of the students being the skills section. The activities Devon students have chosen reflect the diverse nature of the school community, with areas of interest ranging from cake decorating to knowledge of military history, cooking and photography, to name but a few.  Our students are really enjoying the flexibility the DofE programme offers, and, as always, we are excited to be part of their journey. 



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