Belong School Gloucestershire Character Education

Character Education at Belong School Gloucestershire is a fundamental aspect of our curriculum offer for all students. Built around the core British Values of Democracy, Individual Liberty, Tolerance, the Rule of Law and Mutual Respect, our Character Education lessons provide the framework of knowledge and skills to ensure that our students are prepared for life beyond school. While our commitment to the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development of our students runs through all taught subjects, it is our Character Education curriculum which leads the way.

Character Education Curriculum Content

Our Character education curriculum is built around four core areas

Independent Living Skills

In this unit, we develop our student’s financial understanding, teach household skills and provide them with the knowledge to live independently. Students will learn the importance of self-care and hygiene, how to take care of their money through budgeting, understand debts and consumer rights and a host of other practical skills and approaches, ranging from road safety and travel training to paying utility bills and basic DIY.

Personal Health & Fitness

Diet, Lifestyle and Wellbeing are all key topics for the Personal Health and Fitness unit. Created with the intent of providing students with the knowledge to make their own decisions. Students will look at the importance of healthy eating and how to develop meal plans, as well as the value of sleep, making healthy life choices and the values of all different types of physical exercise. We devote a good section of this unit to finding out about Mental Health and Wellbeing. Topics range from recognising how the body responds to stress and anxiety to developing student’s assertiveness and boundaries. Students also learn to build practical approaches to the mental challenges of exams and learning breathing techniques.

Community & Relationships

This vital unit encourages students to explore their communities and relationships. We work with the local community around the school to help develop benevolence, tolerance and kindness. This unit also seeks to broaden our student’s understandings of the ways of life experienced by people in other societies and cultures around the world, whilst also comparing and contrasting with our own communities, practices and attitudes. Families, peer groups and community engagement are all examined as part of this section of the curriculum.


Here students are taught the skills needed to access future employment and training. They are exposed to a range of different types of employment and training opportunities and are given the skills needed for them to access appropriate employment. KS4 students are offered work related learning activities such as construction, blacksmithing and dog grooming on a weekly basis. Students plans are developed in conjunction with their EHCP and aspirations for the future careers. In addition our Level 7 Careers Advisor (CAIG) works closely with students and their families to explore wider options. All students have several opportunities each year to visit several local employers.

Belong School Gloucestershire offers intensive transition packages across year 11, including continuing our support for students into their year 12 provisions where needed. We work in collaboration with our key post 16 providers and the Local Authority to support transition for our students into Post 16 education.