Our School Curriculum

The aim of our curriculum is that all children who attend our school will:

  • Learn to enjoy education, make progress and achieve their full potential

  • Grow to be confident individuals who can live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

  • Thrive as responsible citizens who seek to make a positive contribution to society

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The proactive teaching and coaching of the skills and capacities fundamental to wellbeing underpin every aspect of our curriculum; enabling our children to increasingly and ultimately fully access academic learning, thus maximising their opportunities of achieving the academic qualifications necessary to open doors.

Our curriculum encompasses all that we say, teach, coach and learn in the school; it defines the experience of our children and the environment in which they learn. It pervades all aspects of life at school including, importantly, the school’s ethos and environment and its partnerships with parents/carers and the wider community.  Our whole school approach is effective in promoting mental health and wellbeing.

Our aim is for all our children to positively and successfully re-engage with education and in doing so access mainstream post 16 provision. 

Provision of a rich, inclusive learning environment where every learner is empowered to progress and achieve at the highest level, is fundamental to the curriculum philosophy in our School.

The curriculum is the whole learning experience offered by the school. How children learn is as important as what they learn. Children are learning all the time and it is our responsibility to optimise learning opportunities throughout the school day, during travel time, in curriculum time, during transition routines and social times.

Within our established ethos, children will gain confidence in making choices and increase their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. All teachers and professionals engaged in teaching and learning activities will be partners in learning and continuously develop their skills and competencies for providing an appropriate range of strategies to inspire all our learners.

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